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Golf Tournaments in Biarritz

The sport of golf is one of the mainstays of Biarritz’s economy. Hundreds of tourists come from abroad for a chance to play their favourite sport, and Biarritz provides for them with its advanced golf network that consists of eleven incredible, varied courses. But the excitement does not end with the venues. Golf fans have the golden opportunity to attend and enjoy the various competitions and tournaments organized every year to memorialize this iconic sport. Below are two of the main events no golf lover should miss.

The Biarritz Cup

By far the largest golf championship held in the French city is the Biarritz Cup, which takes place every July at the Golf du Phare. The Biarritz Cup is renowned as the oldest amateur event in France, with its first competition held as far back as 1898. Initially known as the Lord Shand Medal, after the club’s president, the competition took its existing name in 1898. The Biarritz Cup is a four-day tournament, with 18 holes played each day. Both male and female players are free to participate. Every year more than five hundred contestants from across the world take part in the event.

Currently the event ranks among the most iconic and prestigious tournaments, not just in Europe, but in the entire world. The Biarritz Cup is a prestigious platform where novices and professionals all gather to indulge in their love of golf. The tournament receives major press coverage, with leading sports magazines and newspapers enthusiastically covering the exploits of the different players.

The Kilmaine Cup

This historic tournament draws together the oldest golf clubs in France, Pau Golf Club (1856) and Golf de Biarritz (1888). The event consists of two matches; the first match is held at the Biarritz club and the second takes place the next day at the Pau Club. The Kilmaine Cup was halted during the World Wars and was later re-installed in the calendar in 1993. Each club has a team comprising fourteen players, with two reserve players.

In the first ever competition, held in 1894, the Pau Club claimed victory. However, to date, the Biarritz Club holds the record for most competitions won. To be eligible for the tournament, players must meet certain criteria. They must

  • Male
  • Over thirty years of age
  • Registered with a recognized golf club

After the first match, the club hosting the event invites the opposing team to an official dinner. The winning team retains the Cup until the next tournament.

Both the Biarritz Cup and the Kilmaine Cup are perfect opportunities for golf aficionados to enjoy some thrilling golf.

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